Characteristics Of Arabic Clothing

April 08,2022

In this paper, let’s introduce the features of Arabic clothing.


Arabic clothing


For Men


People may think that the white robes worn by Arab men are the same. In fact, their robes are different. Most countries have their own specific styles and sizes. For the men's robes commonly known as "gondola", there are more than a dozen styles, such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Morocco, Afghanistan and so on. This is mainly based on the body shape and preferences of people in their respective countries.


For Women


As for the black robes worn by Arab women, their styles are even more numerous. Like men's robes, all countries have their own unique styles and sizes, especially the Saudi style, which is the most conservative. Together with essential accessories such as headscarf, scarf and veil, it can cover the whole person tightly. Although naturally beautiful Arab women are restricted by the rules of the Islamic Sharia and are not allowed to show their jade bodies at will or wear bright coats, no one can prevent them from embroidering black dark flowers or bright flowers on their black robes (depending on the national conditions), let alone prevent them from wearing beautiful clothes and skirts inside their black robes.