The Clothing Features for African

March 23,2022

The traditional African dress pattern is formed in a long time, it is not only influenced by the natural environment and region of Africa, but also by the influence of religious beliefs, and it is also determined by the characteristics of Africans themselves.


After the formation of African traditional clothing patterns, it has been passed down from generation to generation in a relatively stable way. Although Western invaders broke into Africa, it had a certain impact on its cultural system, but its impact on the characteristics of African traditional clothing patterns was minimal.


African Indigenous Clothing Features


African clothing


African indigenous people dress in so many different ways that it is difficult to use a uniform standard to measure them.




Men basically wear long trousers, only some teenagers wear shorts. According to their clothes, they can be divided into three categories. One is people who often work and have something to do, who wear trousers and T-shirts, shirts or others; the other is those who wear trousers and shirts. They walk leisurely in On uneven streets; there is also a veritable class of men in suits and leather shoes, no matter how hot or dusty the weather is, they are still white shirts, ties, shiny leather shoes, and sometimes one more. Boxy little suitcases, they are crowded with tattered and old buses bumping on muddy roads to their destination.


In hot weather, they wear a variety of hats. In addition to ordinary sun hats, there are cowboy hats made of plants, cloth hats with a soft brim, thicker cotton felt hats, and even human heads. Wear a black cotton hat.




Women's dress is relatively simple, mostly wearing skirts, headscarves and skirts with long feet and wide feet are often made of the same fabric. They like to use brightly colored and patterned fabrics.


They often wear a piece of cloth around their waists, which can be used for multiple purposes on different occasions. Many African families have three or five children, and some have more. When going out, they use cloth to carry the children around their waists. If you need to bring anything you need to go out, you can also wrap it in a cloth and put it on your head. You can also wrap a cloth around your head to cushion the pressure of heavy objects on your head.


Headwear is an important part of African women's clothing. "Head Project" is a key project for African women. Without a beautiful headgear, the beauty of clothing cannot be shown, and the two complement each other and complement each other.